Template Request and Order Form

To order your countertop, either click here to fill our our online Template Request & Order Form. Prefer pen & paper? Simply print out the Template Request and Order Form (Adobe Reader is required. To download click here) and email it to sales@quartzcraft.ca. We will contact you within 24 hours to set up a date for template.

Preparing for Template

  • Once we receive your Template Request and Order Form we will contact you to set up a template date. The installation of your beautiful new countertop will take place approximately 2 weeks after template. To help ensure the best template results, please note the following:

    1. We recommend that a decision maker be at home the day of the template.

    2. All cabinets must be installed and in their final position.

    3. Stove, cooktop, sink and faucet must be on site for template so that we can obtain accurate information for the cut outs required.

    4. You or your contractor is responsible for any plumbing or electrical work that is required.

    5. If you are replacing only the countertop (not your cabinetry) it is necessary to template the existing cabinets with the old top removed. This will ensure the most accurate fit. Please have this done before the template date. (The old countertop can be put back in place temporarily after the template is done.) Disposal of the old countertop is also your responsibility.

Preparing for Installation

  • You will be contacted by Quartz Craft Countertops to confirm an install date and appointment time for the installation, approximately 1 week in advance. To help ensure that the installation of your new quartz countertop proceeds smoothly, your assistance with the following would be greatly appreciated:

    1. Please remove all vehicles from the driveway providing free access for our installation truck.

    2. Please ensure outside walkways and or stairs are clear of all obstructions (including snow in winter).

    3. Please ensure all inside halls and stairs are clear of any obstructions providing free and clear access to the job site.

    4. Please remove free standing stoves, slide-in stoves, cook-tops and counter top microwaves to provide free and clear access to the work area. If you do not have vertical wood panel beside the refrigerator, the refrigerator will need to be moved to ensure no damage occurs to it when installing the countertops. Reinstalling these appliances is the responsibility of the customer. Quartz Craft employees are not permitted to move appliances.

    5. Please remove any countertops. Removal and disposal of existing countertops is your responsibility.

    6. Please remove any plumbing.

    7. Please do not schedule any additional work by other trades people on the day of the countertop installation. Any plumbing, electrical or tile work required to complete the project should be scheduled subsequent to the countertop installation date. Quartz Craft employees are not permitted to do any electrical or plumbing work.

    8. Please feel free to cover floors with safe floor covering. Our crews will also use drop sheets to protect the floors but will not remove safety boots when installing the countertops.