Cambria Spotlight: Natural Stone Whites

One of the most enduring trends in kitchen design is using the colour white as a major component of the design. The reasons for this are plentiful- from inspiring a sense of cleanliness to making a space seem bigger, white is a great choice for these high-use spaces. The use of natural stone in the kitchen is also hugely popular- which is why we thought we'd spotlight the Cambria designs which mimic the movement and depth of quarry-cut stone in shades of white to complement any kitchen plan. 


newport1 newport2

Quitely elegant, Newport mimics the sands along the shores of the Isle of Wight, from where it gets its name. A mottled background of achromatic lightest dove, with movement in shades of alabaster, Newport is both modern and timeless.


swanbridge swanbridge2

Swanbridge features beautiful veins of oyster grey and snowy white across a field of lightest cloud grey. Threads of movement across the slab creates depth and interest without overwhelming other design elements.


dovedale_slab_1050x1050 dovedale_k_dimarco-122philipcastleton_16_1260x960

Dovedale is absolutely breathtaking. A buttery cream background is fused with subtle caramel threads, allowing for subtle movement. Dovedale is sophisticated and warm, complementing golden tints in floors and furniture.


weybourne weybourne_k_gilstose_16_1260x960

Weybourne's subtle tone-on-tone striations are the perfect choice for those who appreciate understated design. Weybourne features natural movement, in shades of lightest shale to cool white, and looks equally beautiful paired with either warm or cool colours. 



torquay_slab_1050x1050 torquay_r_khachibrandonbarre_004_16_1260x960 (1)

 Torquay is a member of the Marble collection. Incredibly natural, Torquay's subtle movement is full of life and soft energy. Very light grey veining crosses a gorgeous white background to create cloudlike drifts of variation from palest opal grey to smoke white.