You Want Cambria- Now What?

So you've decided (quite wisely, we might add) to use Cambria Natural Stone Surfaces for your home project. You've done your research, you understand the advantages of Cambria and you're in love with one or many of the designs offered.  How do you proceed? What is the process like from selection to install? We're here today to let you know what to expect once you've chosen Cambria for your project!


Some people work with a kitchen and bath dealer to facilitate their renovation - this is a great way to have all of these details taken care of. If you're working with a kitchen and bath dealer, you might not need this article. But we're living in the DIY generation, so plenty of our customers are very involved in their renovations from start to finish.

The first thing to do - even before you've necessarily decided Cambria is your chosen material is to request a quotation from us! We return quotes within 24 hours, they are completely commitment-free and are easy to request using our website's printable Quote Request Form. You can find it under the 'Get Started-  Get a Quote' tab on our website.

Once you have decided to go forward with your Cambria purchase, simply fill out our Template Request and Order Form. This form lets us know you're ready to purchase your countertop! You can find our Template Request and Order Form under the 'Get Started - Template and Install' tab on our website. Filling out this form will give us all the information we need in order to quickly & accurately get your order under way.

After you've sent in your order, we will contact you to set up your template date! The template for your countertop is an essential step in creating your custom countertop. One of our skilled Templaters will create a digital template with cutting-edge technology to ensure a phenomenal fit for your beautiful new countertop.

After your template, you can expect installation of your countertop to take place in approximately two weeks. Waiting for your countertop is the hardest part- but trust us, designs this beautiful are worth it.

The process from start to finish is only 4 simple steps:

 1) Request a Quote

2) Fill in a Template Request & Order Form

3) Template

4) Install

We hope this helps explain how easy it is to get your hands on beautiful Cambria quartz for your home. Of course, our staff is also available to answer any questions you may have at any point along the way. You can find all of our information under the 'Contact' tab on our website. Much more detailed information on specific Template and Install requirements is also available under the 'Get Started - Template and Install' tab on our website.