Top Five Things You Need to Know about Cambria Quartz


We know it can be overwhelming when deciding which materials to use in your home. There are an awful lot of different products available and each have specific advantages (and disadvantages!). We're hoping this article will help to crystallize for you some of the unique properties of beautiful Cambria Natural Stone Surfaces, to help make your decision a little easier.

1) Cambria Natural Stone Surfaces are non-porous.  This means Cambria Quartz doesn't have the microscopic holes in its surface that allow bacteria, contaminants and dirt to build up in that other natural stone does. Natural stones such as granite and marble are softer and by their very nature have a porous surface which is harder to keep clean and sanitary.

2) Cambria is extremely strong. Cambria is 93% quartz, an exceptionally hard mineral. Because of the strength and purity of Cambria countertops, incredible design opportunities exist, such as cantilevered surfaces, waterfall gables and super-large slabs for seamless islands. Cambria is also suitable for bathroom applications including shower walls- and because it is non-porous it will never stain or discolour.

3) Cambria is available in over 120 colours, all with uniquely beautiful characteristics. There is truly a Cambria colour to suit every design. Cambria's colours have the natural beauty and variation of granite or other stone surfaces, but with the superior strength of Cambria's quartz.

4) Cambria Quartz is 100% maintenance free! Simply wipe with water or a mild soap if you desire. That's it! Cambria retains its brilliant shine forever.

5) Cambria is  installed by Certified Install Associates. This means that we, Quartz Craft Countertops work in partnership with Cambria to deliver the best possible service to you, our customer. We have been trained by Cambria to template and install your countertops to meet Cambria's high standards. We know that customers want a flawless install- and we, as Certified Install Associates, work hard to ensure that we deliver. Our installers are trained, careful and respectful of your home. There are no better hands for your countertop install to be in than ours.

Hopefully this article has helped you understand some of the unique benefits to selecting Cambria Natural Stone Surfaces and Quartz Craft Countertops for your kitchen or bath project. We work closely with both homeowners and kitchen & bath dealers to help bring your creative designs into reality. With the beauty of Cambria and the expertise of Quartz Craft Countertops, the installation of your new countertops will leave you breathless.