Cambria and Quartz Craft - Committed to Sustainability

Quartz Craft and Cambria are deeply committed to sustainable business practices. We know that the best way to protect our planet for the future is by investing in ecologically-friendly practices today. The management and minimization of our collective impact on the environment is important to both of our companies.


Cambria works hard to minimize their impact on the environment in two ways. Firstly, they take care to ensure that their product offerings are sources from ethically and sustainably mined pure, natural quartz. Secondly, they include green practices as a part of everyday operations at their manufacturing and fabrication locations. Their goal is for their product to have a big impact on our customers, not on the environment.

One way they keep their environmental impact low is by primarily mining their quartz in North America. This means that there are significantly lower transportation requirements than for any quartz product produced outside the US.

To create their beautiful product, Cambria uses state-of -the-art water and diamond jets to cut and process slabs of material. 100% of the water used in Cambria's plant and fabrication facilities is recycled, saving approximately 1.6 billion gallons of water a year. The water is recycled through a series of advanced settling and filtering techniques, to ensure is ready for reuse.

Similarly, all of the diamond-metal tooling is retooled and reused. As well, scrap material is collected and used as road base material on local construction projects.

Quartz Craft Countertops is a graduate of Cambria University, where part of our training is involves learning and implementing environmental best practices. We are educated in both water recovery and equipment recycling practices. We use these practices and have added our own, for example by recycling 100% of the packaging required for transportation of your countertops from Cambria's plant to your home. We take care to minimize our impact so that we know we've done our part in keeping beautiful Cambria Quartz sustainable.