Super Sleek Countertops: 3CM Thickness

One of the reasons we love kitchen design is because it is endlessly customizable. Depending on the client's preferences, we see everything from incredibly ornate and beautifully elaborate kitchens, to classic and traditional style kitchens. Today we're going to be sharing a couple of examples of a countertop design which is modern, sleek and sophisticated: the 3CM countertop. 

Choosing your countertop thickness is one of the first decisions when planning your kitchen design. A 3CM countertop is a solid piece of quartz - there is no build up of material to create an edge profile which is thicker than the 2 cm countertop - the edge you see is the thickness of the entire piece of material. 

Because there is no build up of the edge profile, when the countertop is installed it is installed completely on top of the cabinets - creating a much more modern look. 



As you can see in this kitchen, the materialof the island bar-area overhang is the same on the top edge and on the sides. Because it is a uniform thickness it looks luxurious, sleek and impressive.




This bathroom showcases a similar look. The countertop sits on top of the floating cabinets, creating sleek geometric distinctions between the different planes of the vanity. 



In this last example, the modern slab faces of the cabinets looks incredible with the 3CM countertop they have chosen. The clean lines and modern finishings work amazingly with the simple and un-fussy edge profile and thickness that are used here.