Design Trend: Spa Inspired Bathrooms

The spa-inspired bathroom trend is still going strong this year. As we enter spring, even more traditional bathroom designs can be freshened up with some of the easy design ideas we'll see in these beautiful, spa inspired bathrooms.



The first design feature that you notice in this bathroom is the beautiful wide edges of the countertop, vanity legs and shower surround. Using similar proportions in three different materials (quartz, wood and tile) helps to tie together a room with a lot of different features, and make it feel intentional. A huge part of the spa bathroom trend is the mixture of different textures of natural materials. Smooth, glossy quartz is paired with rough slate tiles and warm wood to make a space inviting and interesting. Keeping a tight colour palette of warm neutrals allows this space to remain calm and soothing.



This bathroom uses the same principals as the first, mixing beautiful smooth tile in the shower, with a rougher textured floor, lustrous painted wood and gleaming glass shower walls are tied together with a cool grey and white colour scheme.



The last thing we wanted to touch on is common design ideas which you can implement in any bathroom to make it more spa-like, right away! All of these bathrooms showcase several spa-inspired accessories. The first thing that is essential for any spa-inspired bathroom is visible fresh white towels. Either folded neatly or rolled up and arranged in a bathroom, having a clean towel available is not only aesthetically pleasing but also a bathroom essential.

You will also notice how a beautiful plant or some greenery really makes a bathroom feel like a retreat, so we love how a couple of these spaces incorporated gorgeous lilies and orchids. You can add any plant you'd like to your bathroom- tropical plants that are often too sensitive for the rest of our homes can sometimes survive better in bathrooms because of the increased humidity. If tropical plants aren't your cup of tea, ivy and ferns are also great choices because of their superstar ratings as air-cleaning powerhouses.

Lastly, an easy way to add a little relaxation & luxury to any bathroom space is with lighting. These gorgeous bathrooms all have multiple light fixtures to allow their inhabitants to select the level of light- but it is also easy to simply add some classic pillar candles to your bathroom to give yourself a relaxing, low-light option.