Kitchen Design: Simple Spring Flowers

One of the quickest and easiest ways to spruce up your kitchen for spring is with a beautiful spring flower arrangement! Cut flowers are quintessentially spring feeling- they are bright, vibrant and cheerful! We always know that winter has just about given up the ghost when these beautiful flowers start showing up in stores & gardens. forsythia


This gorgeous spring centerpiece showcases elegant forsythia. Known for its beautiful bright yellow blossom, forsythia grows as a bush in many spring gardens. We love how this home clipped the blooming forsythia shoots and left them long and organic.  Using only one type of flower in an arrangement always looks sophisticated and effortless.



This sweet spring arrangement is a much smaller scale than an island centerpiece would need to be - making it perfect for beside a sink or stove. It groups three different types of blooms together in separate containers to create a beautiful vignette. The gorgeous blue muscari grow wild in this area, but are also a bulb that can be planted in the fall if you fancy it for your home! Muscari grow in dense clusters or 'blankets', and as you can see, they make beautiful cut flowers indoors as well. 

narcissus daffodil

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These two beautiful arrangements also use only one type of blossom- white and yellow daffodils! Daffodils are some of the earliest blossoming spring bulbs and are cheerful and sweet. We love how using a wider, more substantial vessel as a vase lets these two arrangements pack a huge punch. Though daffodils look beautiful in any kitchen, we especially love the contrast of their gorgeous yellow hues with a gleaming white kitchen.



Tulips are one of our favourite spring flowers - and when we saw this beautiful modern arrangement we knew we had to share it! The ombre effect of using three different shades of the same blossom is endlessly chic. Paired with this perfectly simple vase, we think this is an idea that anyone could replicate at home. 

Whether you prefer a beautiful bouquet of mixed blooms, or a simple statement arrangement with just one flower, we hope you've gained a little spring inspiration to brighten up your kitchen!