Quartz Craft's Technology: Creating an Extraordinary Result

We've been in the custom countertop business for many years. We've seen (and used) many techniques over the years to try and get the absolute best result for the most beautiful countertop installations possible. We believe in investing in technology to help us ensure that our customers are thrilled with their entire experience with our company.


Quartz Craft Countertops runs on a couple very simple principals – use technology to manage the details and be thorough.  This is why in our office we use incredibly powerful software to log and store information from our first interaction with a dealer or customer.

We manage the details starting at the very beginning.  We store every quotation in our project management software and scan every design layout to each individual quote and order form.  This gives our entire staff access to the many details we need at our fingertips – even on site - in order to deliver what our customers want - a great result.


Our data control system also ensures our schedule is created with care so that we show up when we say we will.  Our staff (not sub contractors) know when and where they need to be and always keep our customers in the loop regarding any unavoidable delays due to weather or traffic.


We use a sophisticated digital templating system that uses photography sensitive enough to log and report to within 1/16th of an inch.  This lets us create a custom countertop which hugs any irregularities in a wall perfectly.  Our templating system records the placement of every piece of cabinetry, allowing us to accurately determine the placement of seams, if required, so that they are as unobtrusive as possible. State of the art clamping systems are used to ensure that seams are only the thickness of a business card!

We can create virtually any shape for your countertop with our templating and countertop drawing software – curves, angles, irregular shapes or mitered edges.  In addition to countertops we can create custom shower walls, tub decks, fireplace surrounds, mantles and hearths and cantilevered tables.  This is just the beginning of what we can create for you.  The only limitation is your imagination.

Our technology is the best in the business.  Our professionals are trained, thorough and meticulous to every detail.  We do our absolute best to ensure an excellent install in a timely manner, because that's what our customers deserve.