Perfect Pairs: Complementary Designs for Islands and Perimeters

One of the best things about Cambria Quartz is the incredible selection of designs available. With over 140 different colours to choose from, the possibilities are endless! One way of taking advantage of this incredible selection is to create dynamic kitchens by using complementary designs on the kitchen perimeter and island. Today we're going to explore four examples where homeowners have been bold with their selections- and it paid off big time!


Island: Berwyn 


This gorgeous kitchen is an excellent example of using two countertop designs to help create flow through a room. The stunning wood cabinetry is grounded with a deep countertop to help carry the eye over the sink wall without interruption. The Berwyn kitchen island contrasts beautifully with the darker design of the perimeter, and bridges the difference in tone between the cabinetry and the full wall of tile backsplash on the opposite wall.


Island: Roxwell


Another way to use different designs on the kitchen island and perimeter is to choose one or the other in a bold design to create a focal point. This modern kitchen does just that- using very sleek and simple cabinets, backsplash and perimeter designs to truly allow Roxwell to be the star of the show. We love this approach to design because it allows a homeowner to layer in different textures, tones and materials while maintaining a laid-back atmosphere.


Darlington & Laneshaw link

This kitchen has a lot of traditional elements. This design uses a high contrast colour scheme to create a classic and time-honoured feel. Using beautiful Italian-inspired tiles and gorgeous custom cabinetry, this space creates drama by using a complementary cream and mahogany colour scheme. 


Island: Hadley


Using a crisp colour palette of white, navy and grey makes this kitchen the perfect modern living space. This space is predominantly white, using light coloured cabinets, floor tiles and backsplash, but is anything but boring thanks to the stunning navy & black accents. Although the white & navy countertop choices couldn't be more different, they both are designs which feature a solid colour with very little movement, helping to make them feel tied together. Using a solid coloured, mitered edge countertop design also helps keep the space feeling sleek, cool and modern.