Perfect Pairs: Cambria Quartz & Dark Wood Cabinetry

The all white kitchen has reigned supreme over the last decade in kitchen design. While we love light, white spaces and find their fresh & bright vibe inspiring, we're also big fans of kitchens that fly in the face of current convention. We're sharing 6 kitchens today that celebrate unique design; pairing dark cabinetry with beautiful Cambria Quartz. 



This kitchen is absolutely one-of-a-kind. Packed with unique details and tons of personality, this is one incredible space! The cabinetry in this space is a dark grey stained wood, which is boldly paired with walnut stained wood for the raised bar area. The choice of countertop design was therefore very important - it needs to pull the space together and keep it from feeling too heavy. This space is balanced perfectly by the use of Cambria's Brittanicca design, because it is bold enough to hold its own next to so many other design elements, yet ties the space together with its light and dark tones.



While this kitchen features contrasting perimeter and island cabinet colours, both the smoky grey and deep blue island are dark tones with a lot of character. Because of the amazing giant windows in this space, the dark toned cabinetry appears crisp and inviting, not muddy. Bringing together the grey and blue shades of the cabinets is Cambria's Seagrove design. As part of the coastal collection, Seagrove is inspired by silvery waves of the sea, and it has undertones which look incredible paired with this space's colour palette.



This kitchen has a completely different vibe to the last. It is modern, fresh and simple. The mitered edges of the countertop and no-profile cabinet doors look incredible together. Warm dark wood was the choice for these cabinets, and paired with Cambria's Montgomery design creates a refined space for a modern family. 



While similar to the last kitchen in general principal, we love how by simply changing the type of wood for the cabinets you can create a completely different feeling in a space. This kitchen features a wood with a much more prominent graining effect, which immediately makes a space feel more casual and laid back. To contrast with the wood cabinets and add a touch of prestige, these homeowners selected Galloway for their countertops. 



Lastly, we wanted to include one example of a kitchen with a dark-on-dark colour scheme. Most homeowners look to add contrast to their design by picking a countertop which pops against their cabinets; but that doesn't have to be your only option. This kitchen features inky cabinets paired with Cambria's Sharpham design. Featuring icy white veining on a black & dark grey background, Sharpham always brings drama to any room. Paired with dark cabinets, the look is over-the-top luxurious and incredibly cool.