Outdoor Living: Gorgeous Planters

There's no doubt about it, essential outdoor decor includes planters. Seasonal planters are an amazing way to update your outdoor living spaces, as well as to add beauty and colour into spaces which otherwise may feel flat and lifeless. One of the reasons we love seasonal planters so much is their incredible versatility. Not only can updating a planter help to keep your home looking holiday-ready, but they are also a great way to express your personal style on the outside of your home, as well as the inside.



These matching planter boxes are absolutely stunning. A perfect mixture of modern and traditional, the plants chosen are classic while the simple square planters are beautifully modern. We love how they frame the doorway of this gorgeous house, and are large enough to make an impact from the street as well as up close. 



These spring planters are a riot of colour! Using a similar colour scheme amongst three separate planters creates a vibrant colour story which ties this group together. Using different heights of plantings allows the planters themselves to influence the groupings, and creates a varied yet intentional look.

April 2016 : Alison Miksch - Photogapher / Buffy Hargett Miller - Prop Stylist


These planters are unusually tall- a feature which they have taken advantage of by including beautiful trailing plants. By paying attention to the height and scale of each plant used in these planters, the designer has accomplished creating an interesting and varied appearance. Using similar tones makes a stronger visual statement than a multicoloured display would - it invites you to spend time visually exploring the planters and enjoying their beauty.



For a super modern appearance, we love these simple round planters. Repetition is one of the strongest ways to make an impact, and modern design often focuses on one repeating key element. Though they have used three different miniature bushes in this grouping, the singular use of a plant in a matching planter makes a strong statement. We also love how these planters will look amazing year round - for a homeowner looking for low maintenance planters, these could be the perfect choice!



Lastly, this planter is full of common and hardy plants available at almost any garden center. What makes this planter special is the way in which they are combined. Keeping in mind height, textur and colour, you can create a beautiful planter all on your own. The best way to create your own planter is to keep in mind two key elements: 1) that each plant you choose has similar light and water requirements and 2) that each plant has a unique quality from the other plants in the arrangement. For example, try and include one tall, spiky plant (grasses are excellent, one trailing plant (creeping jenny or potato leaf plant) and one colourful element (bloodleaf, geranium or wandering Jew are all beautiful). Combine these in a beautiful planter and you're all set to enjoy for the rest of the summer!