Cambria Quartz: Mitered Edge Profiles

We love the oversized look of mitered edge countertops. A mitered edge countertop refers to the practice of creating a thicker looking piece of material by creating a mitered frame of material around the sides. Today we're sharing a couple of different looks that can be achieved with a mitered edge, as well as which edge profiles are available from Cambria to incorporate this design feature in your home.



Featured Design: Swanbridge link

In the photo above, a beautiful island has been framed in a stunning mitered edge frame of Cambria Quartz. This design uses a mitered edge to create an impressive, substantial feel to their kitchen island.The 'waterfall' gable at the end allows this design to flow seamlessly to the floor for even more impact.


Featured Design: Ella link

In this gorgeous kitchen, a waterfall gable is combined with a raised mitered edge breakfast bar to create a super modern focal point. Using a mitered edge on a kitchen counter is a great way to draw attention to your countertops. The different planes & thick mitered edges of this kitchen island are an excellent way to create different 'zones' in the same area of your kitchen - such as the raised bar being exclusively intended for eating while the lower portion of the island is intended for meal prep. 


Featured Design:Roxwell link

This powder room didn't have a lot of space available to make a big impact with the countertop - so the designers used this opportunity to take advantage of the vertical space and create an oversize mitered edge that completely steals the show. In beautiful Cambria Quartz Roxwell, this vanity has a weighty presence which is perfectly juxtaposed with its airy frame. 

There are two mitered edge profiles available to choose from. Depending on your requirements, the Idris Edgeor the Rimrock Edge are available. Explore these and other edge profiles here!