Luxurious Relaxation: Cambria Bathrooms

Bathroom design offers many design options for a homeowner. Because bathrooms are typically both smaller and more private than other rooms in a house, it is a great opportunity to take design risks and to express your personality. There are so many ways in which Cambria can help to accomplish this. Today we're sharing examples of four of the most common ways to use Cambria to elevate your bathroom design. 



One way to make a huge impact in your bathroom is by using Cambria in your shower enclosure. In this incredible bathroom, Brittanicca is used on the walls and ceiling of this frameless glass shower. This shower also features a built-in bench made of quartz, as well as recessed shelving and body jets for unbelievably luxurious comfort and relaxation. When planning your bathroom design, consider these options to help streamline both the look of your shower but also to create a space that suits your needs long term. 



The counterpart to a shower is, of course, a tub. Tub surrounds take a serious beating in the bathroom- they are constantly splashed, stood upon, have detergents and shampoos left standing on them, as well as coming in contact with pools of water on the floor (if you have kids, you know this is true!).  Needless to say, your tub surround must be practical, durable and safe for long term use. That's why Cambria is the perfect choice for this application. Not only is Cambria completely nonporous, waterproof and incredibly strong, its stunning beauty also makes it an asset to any bathroom.



The best way to ensure you are satisfied with your bathroom renovation is by considering how you plan to use your space. If you know you need space for makeup, hair, getting dressed or simply storage for linens and beauty products, make sure to include this in your plan! Because each and every job we do is completely custom, we can create a space which works for you, not against you.



Lastly, one of the best ways to use Cambria in your bathroom is to simply have fun designing! Let your personality show through by choosing a design that speaks to you. This bathroom has loads of personality - you can tell it's owners are glamourous, bold and playful just by the design decisions they made. The mitered edge countertop is an excellent example of using the luxurious feel of Cambria to its fullest extent.