No-Threshold Showers: What you need to know

The look of a frameless shower is incontrovertibly cleaner, more modern and easier to maintain than a traditional framed shower. The logical extension of this innovation in bathroom design is the to take the frameless shower and make it a no-threshold shower. A no-threshold shower features a flat surface running between the inside of a shower and the outside, which creates a beautifully clean design.



We love the look of the no-threshold shower as it evokes feelings of luxurious hotels and indoor-outdoor shower spaces in tropcial locales. But it also means there are less crevices to clean, and for water to condense and cause problems over time.



The only concern you need to have with a threshold free shower is to ensure that the water from your shower goes where you want it- and not all over the rest of your bathroom floor!



There are two ways to accomplish this- the first being a traditional drain in your shower. The floor of your shower would be laid in a slightly downward elevation towards the drain in order to allow the water to be controlled by the natural forces of gravity.



The second way is a trench-drain, in which a long drain is placed where your shower threshold would normally stand. This means you don't have to have a drain in the centre of your shower, yet you still get the polished look of a no-threshold shower.



However; a trench drain is a less seamless look than having a traditional drain installed, as your floor tile will not carry on from the outside of the shower to the inside. It is up to you to decide which of these two options makes the most sense in your home!