Kitchen Trend: Oversize Art

Historically, the kitchen was not a place you would often find art. Kitchens have cupboards, tall appliances such as refrigerators and range hoods, as well as requirements for lots and lots of storage. As a result, there aren't many opportunities to find wall space large enough for art. In the past, the kitchen has also been an area predominantly used for work - food preparation and plating, clean-up and storage. Most families ate their meals in separate dining areas, which is where we would most often see attention paid to decor and art - whether photographs, paintings or prints. Because so many of us grew up this way, sometimes we get stuck in this design rut of paying attention to the decor of our dining areas, and leaving the kitchen unadorned, even though for the vast majority of us, we spend significantly more time in our kitchens. Our kitchens are for eating and preparing food of course, but also used as a hub for homework, socializing and shared family experiences like board games & cooking lessons. The eat-in kitchen is ubiquitous in modern households, and many people are even moving away from keeping a separate dining room reserved for relatively infrequent use- but that is a whole other topic!

Because we're spending so much time in our kitchens, why not have a little fun with the decor by adding something with real impact? We're seeing a big shift from the gallery wall to something a little more impressive- oversized art. Don't get us wrong- we love a good gallery wall. We just also love the impact and energy that large scale art offers. It can take a very simple, classic kitchen and give it a hugely modern flair. Or it can take a super sleek, modern kitchen and warm it up with a feeling of history and soul.



We love how this ultra modern home is given so much energy and playfulness by this gorgeous abstract painting. The house itself is very neutral- simple floors, white walls and monochrome light fixtures. The painting takes this otherwise aloof space and makes it approachable and fun!



This oversized print is tucked away in a corner pantry- a daily reminder for the people who use this space often. It also helps this space feel intentional- even though a storage area is usually quite utilitarian, by including a design feature these homeowners have made this space special.



This kitchen uses a vintage-inspired large scale print over their dining nook to keep with the period design of their home. We also love the use of sofas for their eating area!



This stunning eating area is the epitome of sophistication. We love the way the round table and curved chairs contrast with the highly linear framing of the paintings & print. This is also an excellent example of perfectly chosen art which complements each other without overwhelming the space.