Kitchen Trend: Glass Front Cabinets

Glass front cabinets are a classic kitchen staple that has been steadily climbing in popularity over recent years. Although the traditional use of glass front cabinets is enduringly beautiful in their own right, there are a few twists on this classic that have caught our eye that we'd like to share!



This kitchen features absolutely stunning chrome and glass upper cabinets for an eye catching look. This modern interpretation plays off of the more traditional lower cabinets beautifully thanks to the lower chrome hardware. Using simple glass shelves within the upper cabinets also makes this design even more seamless and sleek.



While these upper cabinets feature a more traditional approach, the designers have made some choices which keep this space feeling anything but dated. The contrast paint on the cabinet doors and frames in a super high contrast black and white makes this entire space pop, while tying in the white and black touches throughout the rest of the kitchen. The use of mullions only on the top third of the glass doors is also a customization which really makes these cabinets feel unique.



This kitchen's glass door cabinets are truly classic in design- the mullion pattern would look just as at home in a kitchen from the 1940s as they do here. However; the designers here used a fun colour to keep this kitchen feeling fresh. This smoky blue colour is exactly what these cabinets needed- while it is bright and energetic enough to feel modern, the grey undertones recall days gone by, and helps tie it in with the vintage look of the cabinets.



In a completely different kitchen design, these floor to ceiling glass fronted cabinets look amazing in this modern kitchen. Using a pure white countertop with a super contemporary edge and pairing it with these bookshelf-inspired cabinets makes this space feel inspired by a laboratory or industrial kitchen. 




In this high-end kitchen, decorative curvilinear mullions are the crown jewel of these cabinets. Paired with interior cabinet lighting, the glass shelves appear to float inside. We love the way the interlocking circles create a continuous pattern across the entire bank of cabinets.