Kitchen Design: High Contrast Kitchens

We love a classic kitchen with lots of personality. Your kitchen should both fit in with the overall aesthetic of your home and also showcase some unique characteristics that reflect your family's taste.  Keeping a tight colour palette for your kitchen is a great way to make sure it feels cohesive, and using just enough drama is a great way to keep a neutral kitchen from feeling flat. That's why this week we're taking a look at some really stunning kitchens that really do add up to more than just the sum of their parts. High contrast kitchens address the basic human desire for balance in design- light and dark tones paired together mutually enhance the beauty of their opposite tone. Using contrast also helps to define what is important in your design- it points out areas of your home that you'd like people to notice. Often, we see the ultimate pairing of black and white to establish contrast in a kitchen, so let's take a look at this great example:



This crisp and bright kitchen strikes the right balance of black and white- giving lots of visual interest by keeping the eye moving around the room. The black countertops amp up the energy of this space, while black hardware and accessories keep the space feeling cohesive.

While black and white is a classic high-contrast combination for any kitchen, it is absolutely possible to use the same contrast principal with any colour palette.



In this jewel-toned kitchen, the floors and walls are neutral backdrop to the unexpected pairing of peacock blue and sea foam blue cabinets. We love how the brushed gold hardware and light fixture brings out the warmth of the floor, while adding a mid-tone between the deep bottom cabinets and the icy lightness of the upper cabinets.

One more way of adding contrast we wanted to briefly mention is by including not different colour or hues, but of different textures.



While this kitchen does indeed use both black and white beautifully, what is especially striking about this design is the combination of texture. Using sleek metal shelving on a rough textured brick wall emphasizes the unique properties of each material, while the large patterned rug adds much needed warmth and softness to an otherwise very masculine space.

We hope these three kitchens give you some ideas for including contrast in your kitchen design plans!