Innovative Ways to Use Cambria

We spend a lot of time talking about our love of Cambria Quartz for a kitchen or bath countertop, not only because of its astounding durability and performance but also for its enduring beauty. However; today we're going to be showing you a couple ways you might not have thought of to use Cambria Quartz in your home.


We certainly see our fair share of stunning Cambria countertops in bathrooms- but another way to add incredible functionality and beauty is to consider a Cambria tub or shower surround. Cambria is, of course, non-porous and maintenance free which makes it a natural choice for high-use, wet areas. 


A Cambria desk is the ultimate in office opulence - but another place to add luxury and durability is the windowsill. Adding Cambria to this office windowsill takes this design to the next level, but we also love installing Cambria quartz in kitchen window sills as well. Many people grow herbs in their kitchen windowsills, and we love knowing that durable Cambria will never bubble or crack like drywall does if they over-water. Aside from practicalities, a Cambria windowsill is a stunning way to elegantly tie your countertops in with the rest of your kitchen.  


If you're looking for a truly show-stopping piece of furniture, Cambria quartz is an excellent choice. We can have any design custom made for any room. Durable and beautiful, Cambria quartz is the natural choice for high-use items like coffee tables, kitchen tables and more. 



Lastly, this client loved beautiful Cambria so much they had it mounted as a stunning piece of art. With its beautiful texture and movement, this is a truly everlasting heirloom which we could not love more.