Go for Gold: Gold Toned Hardware

Undoubtedly one of this year's hottest trends, gold hardware is popping up all across trade shows, blog posts and design articles. Plenty of people are wondering if gold hardware is a flash in the pan trend, but we love a modern gold splash in a beautiful kitchen and think it is here to stay!



One of the things to be mindful of when choosing your gold hardware is the tone of gold or brass you are using. In the kitchen above, the creamy cabinets, countertops and warm neutral wood floors look fantastic with the buttery gold tone they used in the hardware. Using a soft gold in a bright space like this is a great way to make sure the space stays feeling delicate, sophisticated and classic.

In the kitchen below, you can see that they have chosen a darker, antiqued brass for their hardware and lighting. This looks incredible in this space due to the deep hue of the cabinets. Because the dark cabinets add a dose of drama, the hardware can afford to look a tiny bit scuffed up, especially when paired with a vintage rug that adds incredible character to the space.



This next kitchen uses large brass pendant lights to create a visual story connecting the kitchen hardware to other elements which can be seen from across the room. This is important to consider if you have an open concept living and dining area, since you will see your hardware from your living space. Using large brass pendants over the gold faucet will look cohesive from across the room - a clever way to solve this problem.



This kitchen uses a much brassier shade of gold in its hardware, which works with it's slightly nautical inspired look. Adding the brass rings to the backs of the bar stools is the type of attention to detail which takes a space to an entirely different level. 



Lastly, for those who are either truly committed to matching kitchen elements or for those who just can't get enough gold, this sink is absolutely to die for. We love the modern lines of the sink, faucet and soap dispenser juxtaposed with the classic feel that gold always brings to a room. Pairing this sink set with leather door pulls is a truly brave decision, but as you can see it looks absolutely beautiful in this setting.