All That Glitters: Shimmering Shades

From breathtakingly natural designs to incredible durability, there's certainly a lot to love about Cambria. We spend our share of time admiring beautiful homes and kitchens which feature this beautiful product, and we think there are plenty of things to appreciate in each photo! One thing that doesn't come through in photographs is something we're touching on today - shimmer, glitter and reflective characteristics in Cambria quartz. 

Understanding the true nature of any shade is a task best done in person. Even Cambria designs without reflective elements, (such as super popular Britannica, Clare Anne and Swanbridge) are still so unique, nuanced and mercurial that we always recommend our customers make the time to at least view 12X12 samples, if not a whole slab before making their decision. This is especially true with the many Cambria designs with lively sparkle, as their incredible beauty is only fully appreciable in person! Many clients come to our showroom after viewing the designs online, only to find that in person they are completely charmed by a shade which they had previously discounted. We're sharing our top 5 Cambria designs which feature a little (or a lot!) of sparkle so you can have a few on your list to check out in person.


Ellesmere is one of our favourite designs - period. It is dark, moody and mysterious, while containing so many beautiful neutral shades it is bound to complement nearly any kitchen design. Shades of wheat, amber, charcoal and white all flow together for a dramatic and bold look. But what doesn't come across in photos is the stunningly subtle golden shimmer which flows through this design. The tiny gold microcrystals glint and gleam to add a subtle glamour to this beautiful design.



Annica is, in our opinion, such a unique design. From afar, it appears to be a classic marble design, but when you get closer you see it has a lot more going on! The marble veins are peppered with sophisticated gold and purple sparkle. We love that this design offers both the classic, refined appearance of a marble countertop, and the fun and excitement of a sparkly addition to any room.



Berwyn is absolutely a dark horse in our offerings! Though it looks incredibly sedate in its product shot, in person Berwyn has so much life and vitality, it is breathtaking. Berwyn is completely neutral, with swirls of cream, taupe and tan, but it also boasts incredible sparkle under lights. It truly lights up a space with its elegant glimmer!



Roxwell is an incredible design for so many reasons - we love the resolute bands of grey, cream and black. It creates incredible movement in any application, but also truly brings texture into a space through its subtle hints of glitter. 



Beaumont is a gorgeous creamy design with Ssimmering swirls of gold and crystal- white veining. It also boasts an exquisite and finely spun whorls of tiny golden glitter, to make this design truly glow.