Everything You Need to Know About Your Sink Install

There's no doubt that the kitchen sink is one of the true workhorses of a kitchen. Your sink and faucet are likely the most used area of your kitchen layout, because your sink is essential not only to clean up and food prep, but also household tasks such as short term water storage or even bathing a young child. We definitely remember our kids climbing on the counter and filling the sink to wash feet or clean out wounds. It should come as no surprise that because of the essential nature and long-term durability required, many people see the purchase of a high quality sink as an excellent investment. We happen to agree. whitesink


However; throughout our years in the custom countertop business we have come across a startling fact that the majority of consumers don't know about when it comes to how their sinks are installed, no matter what material they choose for their countertop. The truth is that regardless of the type of sink or countertop, the industry standard for sink installs is just use silicon to attach an undermount sink to the countertop above it. The sink is then propped up using sticks for 24 hours during which time the home owner is asked not to use the sink. Over time, silicon can dry out which will create the potential for the sink to drop down off the countertop. We don't feel that this method of sink install is up to either our or Cambria's standard of excellence.




Our solution is to always ensure the countertops we install are completed according to the strict standards set by Cambria. Mechanical fastening devices, called nut-serts, are used to attach your sink to the countertop to prevent the sink from ever separating from the countertop.  Nut-serts are internally threaded fasteners that mate with bolts, which allows an incredibly strong connection between countertop and sink. In addition to nut-serts we also use silicone to create a watertight seal to make sure water cannot infiltrate the space where the countertop and sink meet.  Together, silicone and nut-serts achieve a durable, waterproof sink installation in your new countertop.