Dreamy Details: Brick Ceiling Kitchens

Today we're delving deep into 'dream kitchen' territory - looking at one of the details which takes already impressive kitchens to a whole other level. The detail we're talking about is very uncommon - it requires specific architectural planning to install, as well as being quite costly. However; there's no doubt that this luxurious kitchen element is breathtakingly beautiful and certainly worth the effort. We're talking about brick ceilings.



Using bricks in kitchen ceilings dates back several centuries. Because of the weight of brick, you will nearly always see them installed in arches, vaults or domes when used in the ceiling. This way the ceiling is incredibly structurally sound, while allowing for the perception of a more open room with more space.  



Brick ceilings immediately create an enormous amount of character in any space - even in a newly constructed home. One of the potential downsides of a new build is, of course, that you typically must forgo period details which add depth, warmth and interest to a home. However; exposed brick in any capacity certainly adds an instant feeling of coziness - while the addition of a brick ceiling makes a room feel both grand and approachable.



This kitchen has a vaulted brick ceiling only over the cooking area. While this is clearly a beautiful architectural detail, it also serves a practical purpose. Adding a strategically placed vault over your cooking area can provide a much needed venting area for hot air created through cooking. Especially with high end stovetops, huge amounts of heat can be generated very quickly when multiple burners are in use at the same time. 




Although brick is usually composed of rusty coloured clay, we wanted to include an example of a brick ceiling which is a neutral tone. This kitchen features Cambria's Seagrove design, a stunning cool-toned neutral with dark grey striations. Paired with this space's navy island and grey perimeter cabinetry, red brick may not have been included in this space's design. However; this gorgeous feathery grey brick suits the space perfectly. Brick comes in a huge variety of shades - so if you love the warmth and character but not the typical red colour of brick, we encourage you to explore some more neutral options, like the one used in this space!