Design Trend: Wallpaper

In the age of the house-flip, DIY homeowners and renovation TV shows, wallpaper has gotten an awful bad rap. Of course, dated wallpaper does nothing to bring a room to life, and can absolutely be a pain to remove. However; we think the tide is turning and we're here to make a case for wallpaper in a modern home. 



This stunning bedroom's main focal point is the gorgeous floral wallpaper. Far from the granny florals of the 1970's, this large scale floral is modern and sophisticated. One of the reasons this wallpaper is works so beautifully is the non-repeating pattern. We're used to thinking of wallpapers as a design which repeats relatively frequently, while this dark floral is more reminiscent of a dramatic, larger-than-life photograph.



On that same vein, this misty forest scene creates a dreamy atmosphere in this bedroom. The linear nature of the trees helps make this room feel spacious while the subtle tones of the mural keep it from feeling overwhelming. This type of wallpaper is actually referred to online as a 'wall mural', and is a great option for an accent wall because of its dramatic impact. 



On the total opposite end of the spectrum, this wallpaper is both small scale and repeating. However; the simplicity of the geometric forms here keep it from feeling dated. The modern diamond pattern and subtle grey colour simply add another layer of dimension to this neutral room. For homeowners who prefer a minimal and clean look this type of wallpaper can be a great way to add depth without clutter.



This wallpaper is both striking and luxurious! Using a metallic wallpaper (it doesn't have to be as dramatic as this one!) is a perfect way to inject a little glamour into any space. Metallic wallpapers add another layer of texture to a room, while helping to reflect light and add interest. Depending on the lighting and paper you choose they can add either a tiny bit of shimmer of pack a whole lot of reflective punch!

As you can see, wallpaper definitely has a place in a modern home. There are also a great amount of low commitment wallpapers which are designed to be easily removed if you aren't ready to take the plunge. In any case, this decor trend is definitely worth considering if you're searching for that 'little bit extra' for your home.