Design Trend: Tropical Prints

Tropical prints in summer are a design no-brainer. It is easy to swap out throw cushions, glassware and decor to invite summer indoors by taking inspiration from the tropics. We think this is a great way to seasonally refresh your home. Today we are looking at homes that take this design a little further- incorporating features of tropical homes year round. 



This room is a great example of neutral but fun tropical inspired decor. We love the fun pops of terracotta, yellow and lime green paired with warm neutrals like taupe and beige. The key to this room's tropical vibe is the use of natural textiles, large plants and bright accessories. 



This kitchen definitely committed to the tropical trend! This amazing wallpaper is a huge statement, but we love how it looks paired with this very simple kitchen. These homeowners did an excellent job of letting their focal point stand without competition. Bright white and light wood accents are the perfect choice to set off this wallpaper. 



This gorgeous kitchen is tropical-inspired, but still modern and neutral enough not to feel 'themed'. The warm wood island and perimeter are the real star of the show here- the bright white surroundings and simple organic decor are all that is needed to make this space feel bright and welcoming. 



This bold jungle green backsplash absolutely screams tropical! We love the combination of crisp white, tons of plants, copper and wood accents to bring this space together. Using such a dark coloured back splash tile can be a gamble, but because of the high gloss finish on the glass, these tiles actually reflect tons of light and bring extra brightness into the space. 



Lastly, this kitchen is an absolute dream. Mosaic tile backsplash in the most beautiful tropical tones, paired with creamy white cabinets and that exquisite turquoise island, there's no doubt this is the kitchen of a seriously stylish person. We love that this space is clearly inspired by the sea, but is so sophisticated in its execution.  Using gingham on the bar stools is both fun and classic, while the jewel-like chandeliers bounce light in fun and unexpected patterns.