Design Trend: Stone Slab Shower Walls

Luxury bathrooms have been a rise on the wish-list of most home owners over the last decade. Having a relaxing retreat to unwind in at the end of the day is a great way to restore yourself after a hectic day. Having a steam shower is definitely one way to take your bathroom to the next level- but especially if it is clad in beautiful stone! Not only does using stone slabs in the shower reduce grout lines and improve waterproofing, but it also looks jaw-droppingly gorgeous. We call that a win-win!



These shower walls are clad in marble- a stunningly beautiful material. However; marble is porous and stains easily, which makes it a poor choice for a wet environment like a shower. We love the look of this space but feel like a better solution for longevity would be Cambria's Ella, Brittanicca or Rosebay designs. All of these designs have beautiful light neutral backgrounds with stunningly natural veining.



This bathroom uses stone on every surface to create a super sleek, tone-on-tone environment which feels incredibly restful. We love the light neutral colour palette, which is similar to Cambria's Windermere, New Quay and Buckingham designs. 



This shower proves that you don't need a huge space to create a luxurious experience! This petite shower still packs a ton of punch using floor-to-ceiling Cambria Praa Sands for its walls. We also love the oversized rainfall showerhead and comfortable penny-tile flooring.



This gorgeous shower features Cambria Britannicca on the threshold, built-in bench, walls and ceiling! Using the same beautiful stone throughout the entire shower creates an uninterrupted finish, helping to make the space feel bigger and perfectly cohesive.