Design Trend: Southwest Inspired Decor

As warm summer weather arrives, we think it is high time to discuss a decor trend that is definitely heating up at the moment: Southwestern-inspired decor. Inspired by the rugged desert terrain, desert vegetation and warm natural materials, Southwestern style is all about casual, comfortable spaces that are warm and inviting. This look is easy to achieve in any space through the use of accessories, but also has a couple significant architectural details which we will also mention for those considering a renovation. 





First up, we have this lovely formal sitting room. Elements which immediately catch the eye are the beautiful exposed log beams in the ceiling, and the gorgeous fireplace. Exposed beams are certainly common in Southwestern architecture - even if they do not always serve a purpose! Beams are often included in adobe construction for ornamental purposes rather than functional. What we love about using exposed beams is the instant warmth and character it lends a space - it simultaneously draws the eye to the ceiling and makes a space feel cozy. Because the beams in this space are so dark and so large, we love the way the rest of the space is designed using light neutral tones. Accent colours of red and black create a multidimensional feel, while the natural material of the rug and fireplace are in keeping with this style's roots.



While this room has no architectural details (that we can see), it is an excellent example of how easy it is to achieve this look. This modern interpretation of the Southwestern style uses many textures of both textile and furniture which creates a feeling of depth and interest. We love that while the prints of the cushions, throw blankets and rug are all traditional Southwestern archetypes, the colour combination is layered and deep. Because they have used shades of navy and sky blue, as well as warm wood furniture, the accessories tie in perfectly with the beautiful artwork, even though it is much brighter than the muted tones in this space.



This space has created an architectural detail by adding in a feature wall of reclaimed wood. While incorporating details of Southwestern decor such as the natural wood end table, horse hair rug, natural material plant container and the wall hangings, this space is also modern and interesting. The rectilinear furniture with metal accents and crisp lines of the room allow this space to feel updated and unique.



Lastly, this kitchen features some quintessentially Southwestern features that are absolutely breathtaking. Starting with the floor, the traditional terracotta tiles are laid in a gorgeous lattice pattern. Worn in floor tiles like this stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, as well as adding incredible character to a home. The countertop is rugged and masculine, appearing to be an incredibly dense slab of hewn stone. A similar effect can be achieved by using a mitered edge and a Cambria Matte design such as Carrick or Dunmore. Lastly (besides the exposed beams, antique door and arched doorways!) the incredible hammered copper sink. Copper sinks instantly add richness and old-world texture to a kitchen or bathroom.