Design Trend: Mixing Metals in the Kitchen

One of the biggest trends we're seeing in kitchen design today is mixing metals. Using different metal accents is a phenomenal way to add a luxurious look to any kitchen renovation. Faucets, drawer pulls, knobs, appliances, vent hoods, pendent lights, sconces and shelf brackets all present an opportunity for you to express your personal style and be bold with your use of colour. In recent years, we've seen mixed metals on the runway, in jewelry design and in furniture but now it is time to take these gorgeous complementary hues into the kitchen.

There are so many exquisite colours and finishes of metals to mix: copper, rose gold, bronze, oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, chrome, brass - well you get the idea! The combinations and colour choices are endless. One way to utilize this trend is to include different metals (brass, nickel) in the same finish (brushed or shiny) to help keep the feel of your kitchen cohesive. Alternatively, you may love the contrast of a brushed finish combined with a high-shine finish. This trend truly allows you to express your own unique style.

Some of our favourite colour combinations are:

Copper + Stainless Steel

Copper + Stainless Steel



Blackened Hardware with Brushed Brass Pulls



Brushed Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze



If you're not ready to commit to idea of mixed metals long term, another great way to get the look of this trend is to use accessories such as pots, pans, kitchen tools and stools or chairs in a contrasting metal finish. As you can see in the above images there are multiple metal choices between faucets and door hardware, but also depth and interest is added through the finishing touches and kitchen accessories.

Deciding which metal to use in which area of your kitchen is also a great way to highlight the aspects of your kitchen you really love - for example; some incredible vintage drawer pulls, while keeping other items as part of the background to allow the star of the show to really shine.

The last and most foolproof way to mix metals is to incorporate an item which already includes multiple coloured metals. This pendant from Shades of Light is a great example. Using items designed to masterfully mix metals for you is a stress-free way for anyone to enjoy the beauty of this trend.



Mixed metals in kitchen design is definitely a trend that is heating up. We love the versatility of using multiple finishes and metals to customize a kitchen that truly reflects your family's personality. Whether the combination that appeals to you most is subtle, like shiny chrome combined with brushed nickel, or incredibly bold like copper mixed with shiny brass, the result is bound to be beautiful, unique and most importantly, you.