Design Trend: Luxurious Kitchen Add-Ons

Today we're sharing some serious inspiration for taking your kitchen project to the next level. These 6 amazing luxury upgrades will help make your kitchen both beautiful and even more functional.

Pot Filler



There's nothing better or more useful than a pot filler. This upgrade allows you to add water to a pan that is running dry, fill large pots without having to carry them across the kitchen, or even to use after cooking to help reduce cooked-on messes. There's no doubt a pot filler is multi functional and totally awesome.

Custom Range Hood



Custom range hoods have been growing in popularity over the last few years. We love the executive look of a built-in range hood, especially when it is specifically designed to match or complement the overall design of a kitchen. 

Custom Drawer Design



Custom drawers are the ultimate for any organized chef. Having a specific place for every utensil is both useful and makes opening any drawer an aesthetic pleasure as well.

Built-in Floor Vacuum



While a floor vacuum is not quite as pretty as the other upgrades on this list, it does help to keep your kitchen looking spick and span at all times. The convenience of being able to tidy your space quickly without having to lug out the central vacuum is certainly a luxury worth investing in.

Hidden Outlets



As our demands for technology increase, so too do the amounts of charging cables we use! Having the ability to hide away outlets when you're entertaining, or to have extra outlets for big cooking events like Thanksgiving makes all the difference in the uncluttered look of your kitchen.

Champagne Sink



Last but not least, for the ultimate host and entertainer, a champagne sink is an incredible way to make a statement. A second sink can also come in handy for any household with more than one chef in the family!