Design Trend: Indoor Gardens

Sustainability is a word on the tip of everyone's tongue this year. In design, it is more and more important for our customers to know how and where the materials they choose are sourced, and it's easy to see why. The choices we make in our homes have an effect on both the global and local economy, as well as how we feel about our purchases. As a result, people are choosing  products made by regional and ethical companies (hello, American-made, sustainably sourced Cambria!). Similarly, the purchase local and organic foods has seen a huge increase in recent years and now we're seeing companies sprout up (pun intended!) to help both designers and consumers incorporate the principals of locally sourced foods into the very blueprints of our homes. Incorporating small areas for plants to grow indoors is known as 'micro-gardening', and it is easy to spot once you start looking for it! urbancultivator-example-1

this kitchen features a built-in garden courtesy of 'Urban Cultivator'

 Indoor gardens and plant-centric design are everywhere recently, as the health benefits of plants become more and more well-known. Improved air quality, increased humidity, reduction of airborne dust, as well as proven reduction in stress and improved feelings of well-being are just the beginning for indoor gardens- they are also excellent design features and create a fresh and inviting space.



In the kitchen, consumers are looking for ways to grow their own herbs, taking advantage of the increased humidity typical kitchens have due to the frequent use of sinks and boiling water. Harnessing the health benefits not only of improved air quality but also of fresh-as-can-be ingredients is something being given more priority in modern kitchen design. In fact, according to NKBA Design Insider Alberto Villalobos "Another big trend for 2017 will be the use of growing stations in the kitchen. As people gain more knowledge on the importance of sustainability, tools will be developed to help match the demand. Sustainability will be key in the design of the future."



Knowing how important sustainability is to the continued health of our planet, there's no doubt that using sustainable materials is key, and we think having a growing station in a kitchen is a fun and easy way to participate! We love the innovation of bringing the outdoors in, and are excited to see how this trend develops over the next year!