Design Trend: Coloured Cabinets

We've been seeing a new trend cropping up over the last few months, and we wanted to share it here! Choosing cabinet colours for a kitchen or bathroom is a very important decision, and the choice you make is one you live with for a very long time. As a result, many people prefer to keep their cabinet choice relatively conservative- a variety of wood tones, as well as black, grey or white are the most common choices we see homeowners make. We wholeheartedly agree with this practice for most customers- after all, not many of us want to make such a large investment and outgrow it quickly.

However; there is definitely a time, place and person for whom a neutral choice will simply never satisfy, and to them we say; bring on the colour!



We love the super bold combination of pink and black in this kitchen. The moody atmosphere created with this unexpected pairing keeps it from feeling adolescent- in fact, we think this space looks confident, elegant and sophisticated.



This kitchen pairs a lot of traditional elements (subway tile backsplash, shaker style cabinets and an otherwise neutral colour palette) with the freshest of pastel colours: mint green. This specific shade of mint is bold enough to really make an impact, but because it is a complex shade with undertones of neutral grey, we know it will stand the test of time.



This home is clearly owned by someone who loves colour! We think the choice of happy yellow cabinets looks completely smashing next to the lacquered green floor. This unusual colour combination is absolutely fearless, and we think it paid off big time!




This last kitchen we're sharing utilizes a deep aubergine shade on high gloss cabinets to excellent visual effect. Aubergine is not usually considered a 'modern' colour- so the juxtaposition between it and the ultra modern cabinets & surroundings is absolutely transfixing. 

Did you see a kitchen here that you could see yourself choosing? We'd love to hear your thoughts!