Design Trend: Art Deco Renaissance

Art Deco design is synonymous with the ultra glamorous time period of the 1920's. We've all seen the beautiful buildings, fashion and art that came out of this period, and marveled at their lasting appeal and relevance. Art Deco interiors were characterized by the use of bold geometric shapes, sharp contrast of dark and light, extensive inclusion of mirrors, and a generous helping of gold, brass, steel, copper and iron for a medley of metallic hues which quite literally made these spaces glitter.

The Art Deco style is still one which many homeowners find attractive, and often elements of this classic period are thoughtfully included in the modern home as an homage to modernity, function and glamour. Today we're sharing 3 bathrooms and 3 kitchens which implement characteristics of the Art Deco period. We hope you find them as inspiring as we do!



This bathroom nails so many of the characteristics we spoke of above, as well as one we didn't. A clear and sincere preference for symmetry is one of the hallmarks of the Art Deco period. This bathroom pays close attention to balance and symmetry, which makes an immediate impact on the viewer and creates an impression of precision and intention in the room.



This bathroom's mirrored cabinets are adorned with stunning period mullions. Intricate mullions such as these were very common during the period of the 1920s, as a way to reinforce the design and add impact through repetition. These mirrors are found throughout this bathroom, from the sides of the bathtub to the walls, and are an incredible testament to the use of geometric patterns as a design feature.



This modern bathroom is clearly inspired by many elements of the Art Deco Period. Gold accents and high contrast black and white accesssories are paired with geometric sconces, lacquered sink and toiletry stand and a marbled stone bathtub, emphasizing the sumptuousness of the materials.



This kitchen incorporates many of our favourite elements of Art Deco design - the quirky lighting, mullioned glass cabinets and playful contrast of dark and light are all immediate standouts. We also love the use of a tin ceiling to adorn even the ceiling in this space. Intricately carved cabinets paired with ultra-modern barstools prove these homeowners aren't afraid to be bold in their design!



This beautiful kitchen is a modern interpretation of classic Art Deco style. Boldly black, white and metallic, this kitchen scores high points for uncompromisingly beautiful decor. The black and gold hood range is accented by the contrasting white borders on the cabinet panels, while the bar stool chairs are also bordered. This attention to detail helps to tie together disparate elements and make a space feel cohesive. Attention to symmetry in the lighting, shelving and layout are also essential parts of what make this kitchen so impressive.



Lastly, this kitchen is an ultra-modern omage to Art Deco styling. The tight colour palette, paired with vintage inspired chairs and clean, geometric countertops all speak to an inspiration rooted in the 1920s. Gold veining in the countertops as well as brass fixtures and faucet are the delicate touches which help give this room that extra glamour to take it from beautiful to spectacular. This kitchen embodies so much about Art Deco design - elegant details, expensive materials, symmetry and geometric designs, while interpreting it in a wholly modern way.