Cambria Matte Is Here!

Matte finish countertops with the superior strength, durability and beauty of Cambria can now be yours! This stylish finish has just launched with 16 Cambria Matte Designs to choose from. Silky smooth and as much a tactile experience as a visual one, these surfaces take kitchen design to a whole new level of understated elegance. Incredibly, these surfaces are still imbued with the durability, easy-care convenience and nonabsorbency of Cambria's high gloss surfaces. This gives you the same incredible everlasting surface with an entirely new sensory experience. matte1

Cambria Matte is now available in 5 of their breathtaking new designs:


Annica Matte


Clareanne Matte


Rose Bay Matte


Queen Anne Matte


Rosedale Matte

Cambria Matte is also available in 11 of their timeless & classic designs.


This new design will be available for you to see at our showroom, and we encourage you to stop by and experience it for yourself!