Design Focus: Faucets

Choosing a faucet is a decision which affects the look and feel of your kitchen project in a big way. Your faucet can help tie together your design plan and put the finishing touch on the kitchen. There are so many different faucets available, so we thought we'd go through a few of the options here.



This ultra modern faucet is an engineering marvel- the dual rods allow for water flow while creating incredible negative space within the unit. Paired with the matching sprayer and soap dispenser, this trio has all your sink needs covered.  



This faucet is the complete opposite of the last - in everything including the colour! This brass faucet is on-trend right now, and features a pull down sprayer and built-in handle. The decorative fluting on the base of the unit lets this faucet fit in perfectly with the farmer front sink and traditional cabinetry in this kitchen.



Taking traditional faucets one step further, this chrome faucet makes a big statement! Once again it is paired with a farmer sink, but here it is also paired with a sprayer. It is definitely worth considering whether a unit without a pull down sprayer is going to work with your lifestyle and design - if you require an additional handheld sprayer it adds both expense and an additional hole to be cut in your countertops!



This simple faucet is a minimalist's dream. With squared edges and a brushed chrome finish, this faucet offers design details that make it anything but boring. The 90 degree angle of the faucet is unusual in faucet design, making it a special piece which remains understated and functional. 



This last faucet splits the difference between modern and traditional perfectly. The industrial feel of a modern kitchen is represented through the spring-surrounded pull down sprayer, while the classic shape keeps the design grounded. 

With so many options available, it is important to consider what faucet will work for you and your lifestyle.  Not only are there design considerations, but practical implications as well. However; if you've taken into consideration things like finish (chrome, matte, brushed), function (pull-down sprayer, on/off/pause stream buttons, spray/stream options) and design, the right faucet can be the perfect finishing touch in your kitchen.