Design Detail: Over Island Lighting

When it comes to over-island lighting, the possibilities are endless. Whether you are looking to make a big statement, or simply complement your other design choices, island lighting is a key element to creating your dream kitchen. 


In the kitchen above, the homeowners have chosen a beautiful multi-globed pendant light to create a feature which draws the eye upward. Using lights which have multiple globes or bulbs is a great way to create drama while keeping your design simple and clean. 


In this kitchen, the pendant lights are used to anchor the design. They are the largest and darkest element in the room, which works to naturally create subtle drama. Although they are the darkest element in the kitchen, they are tied in to the design by the use of matching hardware. They have also been selected carefully to stylistically match this kitchen's overall design extremely closely, so while they stand out; they don't clash. 


This kitchen features one large light with multiple candle bulbs within it. If you choose to use one single light feature for your island, pay close attention to scale. This light fixture looks impressive and luxurious because it is large enough not to be swamped by the oversize kitchen island. Choosing a light that is too small for your island will detract from the overall impact of your design.


Speaking of scale, this kitchen breaks all the rules with these oversize pendants, and we love it! It just goes to show that while there are general guidelines for selecting any feature, the best guide is to follow your heart. This pair of over sized pendants look absolutely incredible over this kitchen island. We love the copper interiors, which will bounce tons of light around the space.