Cambria Spotlight: Earth Tones

We recently visited one of our wonderful client's kitchen design studio, and were struck with the beauty of one of their showroom countertops - beautiful Cambria Quartz's Harlech design. Seeing this beautiful design again reminded us of how much focus we tend to pay to cool toned countertops and kitchens, and we wanted to level the playing field a little by sharing our 5 favourite earth toned Cambria designs.



Oakmoor is part of the Oceanic collection, and is characterized by bold cream and acorn veins which smoothly flow across its surface. Named for a small English village dating back to medieval times, Oakmoor aligns strands of caramel, tan, and cream to resemble the wood grain of stately oaks in the nearby countryside. 




Deep, moody and incredibly naturalistic, Langton combines deep brown, tan and charcoal grey for the perfect statement countertop. A masterful study of contrasts, Langdon is an intriguing design that calls to mind the ancient beige abbey stones standing steadfast against white-capped storm-gray waters off the coast of Kent.




Helmsley is similar to Langdon in that it combines both grey and rich brown, but it is lighter and less moody. Rich and opulent, Helmsley™ recalls the past glory of feasts and pageants held in the unyielding medieval castle firmly rooted in the market town of its name in North Yorkshire.




We love the deep brown veining throughout this stunning design. Combined with earthy caramel, wheat and black Harlech looks incredible with other earth tones, exposed brick,  and cream cabinetry. The regal tones of this lavish design are inspired by Harlech Castle perched on high like an all-seeing sentinel keeping a watchful eye over the town of Snowdonia in North Wales.




Galloway is the lightest design we'll discuss today. It is a neutral earth toned design, featuring a sand and wheat background with wide neutral bronze veins. Deep and mysterious like the waters off a rocky coast, Galloway lures furtive glances. It is a mix of sea, sand and time and shines like a luminescent pearl inside a rough and blackened oyster shell.