Cambria Spotlight: The Bold Oceanic Duo

Cambria designs are known for their beauty and innovation. Cambria works hard to respond to market demands - creating designs which are unparalleled in the marketplace. Amongst many of the stand-out designs Cambria offers, the Oceanic collection contains two of the most breathing designs - Roxwell and Oakmoor.  

The incredible rolling waves in both of these designs undulate with linear flow- one with warm neutrals and one with cool neutrals.


Oakmoor™ captures muted tones of cream, tan, and caramel drifting alongside linear waves of graduated grays reminiscent of stately wood aged to perfection.

Oakmoor is warm, adding depth and texture to any space. The strong character of the linear striations is tempered by the soothing nature of the creamy neutral tones, making this an ideal choice for any space where comfort and beauty are the goal.





Complex and flowing, Roxwell™ presents elegant serpentine swaths of gray dappled with white, black and charcoal flecks, and a hint of sparkle to create the fascinating effect of a wave-kissed sandy beach. 

Roxwell is characterized by resolute bands of stately gray pebbled with notes of black, slate, and cream. It has bold striations which create a strong linear movement. It is perfect for anyone with an adventurous design spirit and a love of cool neutral colours!