Cambria Quartz:  Maintenance-Free and Loving It!

We know our customers have busy lives. In fact, our lives are pretty busy too! That's why one of the most important reasons to choose Cambria quartz for your home is its maintenance-free durability. Lets start this article with some truth: we absolutely love the look of quarry-cut stone. Granite, marble, soapstone, limestone- when we look at these gorgeous materials we can't deny the beauty of natural stone that comes straight from the earth. We know the folks at Cambria agree, which is why they go out of their way to create designs which capture the majestic beauty of quarry-cut stone to deliver to our customers. We think they do a pretty great job- with over 130+ breathtaking designs to choose from, there is no compromise on beauty for performance. You get the look and feel of granite, but receive a stronger, safer and maintenance-free material.


As much as we love the look of quarry-cut stone, there's no contest for us when it comes to choosing which material improves quality of life, decreases stress & worry, or stands the test of time. We want our customers to be safe and happy with their countertop purchase for the lifetime of the countertop. That's why we only supply and install Cambria Natural Stone Surfaces.

Cambria Natural Stone Surfaces are 100% non-porous. This means they are certified Food Safe- a pretty important distinction for a kitchen component! The naturally non-porous qualities of Cambria also make it stain-resistant, letting our customers enjoy their food and drink without fear of damaging their countertop investment.


Additionally, Cambria quartz never needs to be sealed, reconditioned or polished. It is a surface that is truly everlasting, letting our customers enjoy the stunning beauty of natural stone without any of the headaches of quarry-cut countertops. With Cambria's Lifetime Limited Warranty, you can also rest assured that both we and Cambria stand behind our product.