Cambria Quartz: Full Height Backsplash

Today we're sharing a few reasons to consider using Cambria quartz not only for your kitchen's countertops, but also as the backsplash for your project. We love the look of contrasting materials in the kitchen- its an easy way to add interest and texture to a room. There are plenty of beautiful options available- but we just wanted to spend a moment and highlight a couple benefits that full height Cambria backsplash offers over conventional tile or drywall. Firstly, full height backsplash creates a clean look in any kitchen. Whether you choose the same Cambria design for backsplash as you did for your countertops, or you select a complementary design, the sleekness of full height splash is an elevated, modern look.


Using the same Cambria design for countertop and backsplash will 'tie a look together' in a sumptuous way. It highlights the beauty of your design, and allows you to enjoy it from any vantage point in the room- you don't have to be standing to see the incredible beauty of your choice!


Using the same design also can create more visual impact from your choice- even the most subtle of designs looks intentionally impressive when repeated on countertop, backsplash and even ceiling, as in the photo above. Using the available wall space allows you to create stunning accents to the rest of your room's design with the same beautiful material you love.



Full height backsplash also offers the ultimate protection for your kitchen. Using full height backsplash protects your walls from moisture damage, staining and heat. In addition to protection, Cambria backsplash also requires no maintenance - sealing not required! Your Cambria will not stain or discolor, even with the most colorful of spices, which makes it so simple to keep you kitchen looking clean and fresh.

Full height quartz backsplash offers endless opportunities to combine Cambria designs and is durable, hygienic and maintenance free! We love it and think you will too.