How Cambria Quartz is Created Differently

Today we're going to dive into how Cambria Natural Stone Surfaces are made, and what makes them different than granite, solid surfaces other quartz products. Cambria is made from 93% pure quartz, mined sustainably from the earth. Cambria quartz goes through a rigorous inspection process, ensuring that only the most pure quartz (without imperfection or other minerals) makes it into the product. Quartz minerals are then milled into different sizes, ranging from as big as a fingernail to as small as a grain of sand. All Cambria quartz minerals are completely white before they are transformed into the beautiful Cambria designs we see today.


Cambria produces slabs of quartz, polished to a high shine in their state-of-the-art facility in Minnesota. Quartz crystals of different sizes are combined with a small amount of resin and pigment to create the over 130 different designs now available. Cambria has also mastered the art of creating extra large slabs of material- called 'super slabs' which make it easier for most customers to achieve a seamless island. Through the process of combining the quartz with the resin and pigment, Cambria is able to create a product which is incredibly strong and absolutely nonporous.

Every slab of Cambria quartz is created uniquely, and will have its own beautiful and natural look. As a result, every installation of Cambria quartz consists of truly one-of-a-kind pieces for an incredible result. Just like quarry-cut stones like granite and marble, every piece is unique, but Cambria retains superior strength, and is maintenance-free and nonporous.


Cambria is different to granite because of its purity and strength. Quartz is the natural stone crystal which gives granite its strength. Granite is a mixture of quartz and other minerals and impurities, which makes it a significantly softer material. Granite is 40-60% quartz, while Cambria is 93% quartz.  Granite is also a porous material, meaning it can absorb liquids and bacteria, while Cambria is non-porous. Granite must be sealed with a chemical routinely, while Cambria is maintenance free.

Cambria is also different to other quartz manufacturers. Cambria is extremely receptive to the marketplace, creating more beautiful and natural designs than other manufacturers. Cambria is available in a greater number of designs, edge profiles and has superior quality assurance processes to ensure the material you receive meets Cambria's stringent protocols of colour match and veining for both seams and individual slabs being installed in the same location. As an additional assurance on your investment, Cambria offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty and access to their Cambria Customer Care line. No other quartz manufacturer offers this type of assistance to their customers.

Lastly, Cambria is different than all other countertop suppliers because of the way that they partner with us, Quartz Craft Countertops. Cambria and Quartz Craft work together to bring the product to you, the customer. Cambria only supplies and manufactures quartz countertops to companies who have been educated at Cambria University in Minnesota in order to gain the technical training that is required to template and install this incredible material. We, as Certified Install Associates bring not only the knowledge gained at Cambria University but also our experience of over 15 years in the countertop industry to ensure that our customers have an excellent experience from start to finish. Quartz Craft understands and respects the standard operating procedures of Cambria, and has implemented many of our own failsafe checks to make the process even smoother. Both Cambria and Quartz Craft share the same vision - for our customers to be as excited about and proud of their Cambria countertops as we are.