The Cambria Luxury Series

The Cambria Luxury Series includes the following beautiful designs: Ella, Roxwell, White Cliff, Oakmoor, Clareanne, Queen Anne, Annica, Delgatie, and Brittanica (Update Jan 2018: The Luxury Series has now expanded to include Ironsbridge,  Delgatie, Brittanicca Warm & Brittanicca Gold. You can learn more about these designs here.) Each of these gorgeous designs is unique and striking, making them an incredible addition to any kitchen or bathroom.



Light, bright and neutral, Ella is a member of Cambria’s Marble collection. Ella is characterized by subtle warm grey veining through a white field. Because Ella has both warm and cool tones, it looks stunning with any backsplash selection. Ella is classically understated, but never overlooked.



Roxwell is characterized by resolute bands of stately gray pebbled with notes of black, slate, and cream. It has bold striations which create a strong linear movement. It is perfect for anyone with an adventurous design spirit and a love of cool neutral colours!



Elegant and flowing, this calming design features a soft-gray background with end-to-end linear white threads. The movement and striations of white through this design are incredibly natural, making it an excellent choice for anyone who loves the look of natural stone, but wants the strength and durability of Cambria.

Queen Anne


A velvety gray-marbled background provides a calm canvas for elegant white streams that billow, creating stunning movement and depth like sails in the wind.



A new spin on classic marble, a neutral white background is infused with subtle gray veins and regal gold and purple sparkle. Annica looks equally stunning in a traditional farmhouse kitchen pr a super modern space- the movement and sparkle create a truly striking effect.



Brittanica is a true neutral grey vein on a white field. The veining in Brittanica is what makes it so beautiful- while the natural stone veining is large, the gentle movement makes them complementary and not overwhelming. Brittanica looks stunning in all-white kitchens, and also makes a gorgeous fireplace surround.

White Cliff


White Cliff is the purest white available. The grains of pure white quartz are so fine they are nearly undetectable, while the shade of white is pure and neutral, without any yellow or blue undertones. White Cliff is incredibly versatile, and suits any space.