Cambria Design: Industrial Spaces

Industrial-inspired spaces are incredibly popular right now. Combining modern innovation with vintage charm, industrial design is a perfect way to create a warm, inviting and balanced space. Industrial decor and home design is based on the principals of juxtaposition- industrial elements like glass, sleek chrome and blackened iron are softened by combining them with warm elements like brick, wood and leather.

armitage2Cambria quartz is the perfect choice for use in any industrial inspired space, due to its incredible versatility and striking beauty.  Cambria comes in over 140 designs, and now 16 of our most popular designs are also offered in a new matte finish. Both high gloss and matte finishes have value in industrial inspired designs. A high gloss finish creates incredible shine, and looks incredible paired with rustic wood elements, while Cambria Matte's finish mimics the effect of industrial elements like concrete and honed stone. 


If you're looking to create character in your space, consider using reclaimed materials like wood, brick and glass. Combining truly aged materials with modern appliances, countertops and accessories will help add texture and depth while reducing the carbon footprint of your project. If available, features such as exposed ceilings, interior brick walls and original flooring are excellent components of this design style.


When choosing Cambria quartz for an industrial-inspired space, consider using elements such as waterfall gables and mitered edge countertops. The strong & modern rectilinear elements of these features look amazing combined with character features such as crown moulding, reclaimed floors and exposed brick.

The key to success in creating a modern industrial inspired space is to ensure you select materials which create dynamism and contrast,  while complementing their opposite counterparts. Balanced design feels welcoming, comfortable and approachable, so keep this in mind when selecting your materials!