Cambria Design: Cambria & Natural Wood

Modern design is all about the combination of elements which work together to make a space feel intentional, unique and beautiful. Part of deciding which materials to combine requires thinking about both aesthetics and functionality - both of which are fulfilled when designers pair wood and Cambria quartz in the same breath.



Using wood at the seating area or raised bar of a kitchen island is a great way to add warmth to the centre of your kitchen. We love how clearly a wooden bar area delineates the different functionalities of the spaces - one is clearly for food prep and entertaining, and one is for eating and relaxing. 




The different surfaces both bring their individual benefits to the space - Cambria is food safe and the superior choice for cleanliness during food prep, while wood is warm and comfortable to use as a tabletop. 




Using wood in the same tone as other elements in your kitchen is a great way to tie a space together. In this kitchen, which features Cambria's Ella design, a light honey coloured wood butcher block peninsula has been chosen. This wood matches perfectly with both the open shelves and the knife block on the counter - making the space look intentional and pulled together.



Although the kitchen in the photo above has an industrial design, it is careful not to feel cold or unwelcoming. Using warm metallic copper in the light fixtures, as well as a warm wood tabletop help to make this space feel inviting - but it is the subtle use of wood backing the waterfall island which really takes this room to the next level. The warm wood really pulls out the golden tones in Cambria's Princetown design- without compromising the modern industrial design features. The juxtaposition of warm natural materials like wood and leather, as well as the warm tones in the countertop make all the difference in this boldly designed kitchen.