Cambria: The Art of Stone

When it comes to countertops, there are a lot of options available to consumers. Not only are there a variety of materials to choose from, but each material has different manufacturers, benefits, and drawbacks. When we're seeking to educate our clients as to why we choose to exclusively offer Cambria Quartz, it really comes down to one thing: what did we want in our own homes?  The answer is Cambria, and the reason is simple- we wanted the innovation, performance and beauty that only Cambria can offer.

Innovation is the cornerstone of Cambria's business. The drive to innovate has pushed them to truly redefine and recreate both the look and performance of quartz countertops, while competitors simply fall behind. 

The durability and performance of Cambria means that for the consumer, they receive a surface that is 100% Food Safe - a claim which cannot be made by granite, marble, limestone or concrete. We simply believe that the surface you cook on for your family should be clean and safe. 

Cambria never needs to sealing, polishing or reconditioning. It cleans up with just soap and warm water, making it easy to care for and convenient for our busy lives. Cambria is also completely stain-resistant. No need to ever worry about red wine, chocolate or mustard staining your countertop. When you make such an investment in your home, we believe it should stand up to sticky fingers and cooking lessons.

Because of the performance of this material, Cambria is confident in offering a Lifetime Limited Warranty; another way in which Cambria stands apart from its competitors. An excellent product and excellent service, that's what we believe our customers deserve.

Lastly, we work with Cambria because of a core of shared values. Like Cambria, Quartz Craft is Family Owned. We share an entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic that means we're not satisfied until our customer is satisfied. 

  • If you'd like to learn more about Cambria, we'd love to share this short video that takes you on a journey to understand the technology, innovation and passion that fuels Cambria's designs.


The Art of Stone | Cambria Quartz Stone Surfaces