Bathroom Trends: Dark and Moody

This year one of the biggest trends in bathrooms we're seeing is deep, moody hues and sophisticated colour palettes. Because bathrooms are often smaller rooms, it can seem counterintuitive to use a deep, rich hue, but it actually helps these spaces feel interesting, chic and extremely luxurious. Let's take a look at a couple dark bathrooms that get it right:



We love the deep charcoal of this bathroom's walls, but we especially love it paired with a stunning light countertop and happy white & yellow accessories. Using a dark neutral like charcoal helps allow you to change the mood of your space any time you feel the need to refresh- just swap out or add accessories in a new hue and your bathroom will feel completely different!



This navy and dark wood bathroom pops thanks to the use of crisp white trim and flooring. The contrast between dark and light makes this space look super fresh, yet still sophisticated.

Another way to use rich, dark colours in a bathroom is with your choice of countertop. We love these two bathrooms for their use of dark, gorgeous countertops.


 blackcountertop3   link

Both these bathrooms use the darkness of the countertop as a strong visual anchor in the space. Using even small amounts of black, charcoal or any other jewel-tone creates huge visual drama because the eye is naturally attracted to contrast. Keeping this in mind, even an all-white or neutral space can be completely transformed by adding a single deep-toned contrasting element.

If you're looking for some design options for a jewel-toned bathroom, check out Cambria's Design Palette and filter by tone! This is a great way to see all deep, medium or light tones at once.

Cambria Design Palette