Amazing Greys - Cambria's Best Grey Toned Designs

Cool neutrals have long been a favourite of designers and homeowners alike. Cool toned colours like smoky blues, crisp greys and atmospheric whites all have a calming & relaxing effect on any space. They create soothing flow between spaces when incorporated throughout a home, and are both classic and modern in equal measure. Luckily for everyone, Cambria has both seen and addressed this market requirement- they have a wide selection of designs which would look wonderful in any home. Today we're focusing on 5 of the amazing grey designs Cambria has available, so let's jump in!  clareanne


First up, Clareanne is one of the newest additions to the Cambria design roster. Clareanne is a calming design which features a soft grey background with natural and end to end white linear veining. Clareanne is a stunning choice which adds subtle movement and interest to a room without overwhelming other design features. 


Queen Anne

Queen Anne is also a recently launched Cambria design. It also features a soft grey background and white end to end veins. Queen Anne's veining is beautifully visible from afar, which makes it a soft but strong statement in any kitchen or bathroom. 



Carrick is the perfect all-over grey. It is a medium toned grey - not to light and not too dark. It has plenty of depth and life, and reflects light beautifully off its highly polished surface. Carrick features a beautiful marbled appearance of subtle grey tones. It has soft movement and a naturally marbled effect.



Roxwell is as bold as it is beautiful. Adventurous and stimulating, the variegated striations of Roxwell range from deep charcoal to dusky stone. It is the perfect way to add texture, movement and excitement to your kitchen or bath. 

These five beautiful designs are only the beginning of what Cambria has to offer. Check out all 140+ designs here.