Dreamy Details: Cambria Feature Wall

Cambria offers a vast selection of designs for you to choose from. Whether you prefer bold movement or whisper soft striation, there is a design for you. Using Cambria as a feature wall in your space can be and incredible way to add a luxurious focal point to your space! We’re sharing 3 spaces which use Cambria to elevate both the function & beauty of their spaces.

Featured Design: Skara Brae  link

Featured Design: Skara Brae link

Above, Skara Brae takes the stage to create a bold & dramatic movement of gorgeous neutral colours. Custom cut to perfectly fit around cabinetry & to draw the eye across the room, this gorgeous design looks incredible paired with white cabinets & natural toned accents.

Featured Design: Brittanicca  link

Featured Design: Brittanicca link

This stunning kitchen uses the softer tones of Brittanicca in a large & high use area of the kitchen to create a distinc feel to the stove area of this kitchen. A switch in material is a great way to denote a different ‘zone’ of your kitchen!

Featured Design:Crowndale  link

Featured Design:Crowndale link

Above, another option for creating a focal wall is to use Cambria in a smaller, strategic area. Specifically in this smaller-footprint kitchen, a full height backsplash both creates an easy-to-clean area behind the stove but is also a great way to integrate the countertop & backsplash visually.