Design Trend: Warm & White

The classic white kitchen is always in style. White kitchens are excellent for resale and look gorgeous & fresh for years to come!

Of course, throughout the decades there are slight variations in the style of white kitchens. Depending on your locale & the age of your home you may find that traditional wood cabinets are most appropriate. If you are in a city, perhaps high-gloss or matte finish doors will lend a high-design edge to your space. Regardless of the style of the space you are designing, though, there are trends which will likely influence your design to help it feel current.

Today’s design trend is the prevalence of warm, natural tones & textures in kitchen design. Likely you’ve seen a shift toward desert hues & wood, jute or woven items in home decor. As always with a high-cost investment renovation like a kitchen, trends are slower to percolate & tend to me more subtle in their inclusion but we are definitely seeing these softer, warmer tones & textures emerge in many of today’s kitchens.

Let’s look at some spaces which really nail the warm & white trend!

Featured Design: Ella  link

Featured Design: Ella link

This kitchen uses a rosy-warm wood tone to bring a welcoming & casual feel to the space. Integrating floating shevles in the same wood tone as the butcher block breakfast bar is a great way to make a space feel cohesive! A healthy dose of white through the classic subway tile backsplash & Cambria’s Ella design countertops lets this space still feel airy & light, with the perfect amount of warmth.

Featured Design: Brittanicca Gold  link

Featured Design: Brittanicca Gold link

Incorporating a wooden top to a non-food preparation area is a great way to add texture & warmth without sacrificing performance. This kitchen features Brittanicca Gold tops on island & perimeter, paired with contrasting black & white cabinets for extra drama. Despite the healthy dose of black & wood tones, this space still reads as a white kitchen - a great reminder to be bold & playful with your design!

Featured Design: Brittanicca Warm  link

Featured Design: Brittanicca Warm link

This custom workspace nook is the perfect place for homework, writing a grocery list or getting a little relaxing time while dinner simmers. This white-on-white look is perfect for the traditional style of the home, but is warmed up perfectly by the combination of Brittanicca Warm countertops & a French country inspired wooden chair. We love the idea of incorporating a space for work into a heavily used room like a kitchen. Adding full-height backsplash is a great way to tie this space in with the rest of the room & adding a luxurious touch.