Frequently Asked Questions - Answered!

Featured Design: Brittanicca  link

Featured Design: Brittanicca link

We know that not everyone is a countertop expert - that’s what we’re here for! From understanding your quote, to knowing what to expect & how to prepare for your new countertop, we want to make each step of the process easy for you. We’re sharing our top FAQ’s here today, to help address some questions we get a lot. If you have more questions, you can always check out our expansive FAQ page here or contact our office. One of our friendly & knowledgeable staff will be happy to help.

Without further ado:

What is the process of getting my countertop?

The process from start to finish is 4 simple steps:
1) Request a Quote
2) Fill in a Template Request & Order Form
3) Template
4) Install

How do I request a Quote?

It is easy to get a quote for your project. Simply print out the Quote Request Form and create a simple hand sketch of your countertop requirements. Then you can either scan & e-mail it to us at or fax it to our office at 905-967-0950. Quartz Craft Countertops will return the quote to you within 24 hours.

How do I order my countertops?

Once you have decided to go forward with your Cambria purchase, simply fill out our Template Request and Order Form. This form lets us know you’re ready to purchase your countertop! You can find our Template Request and Order Form here. Filling out this form will give us all the information we need in order to quickly & accurately get your order under way. You can send your order either by email at or by fax at 905-967-0950.

How long between template and install?

After your template, you can expect installation of your countertop to take place in approximately 2.5 weeks. Waiting for your countertop is the hardest part- but trust us, designs this beautiful are worth it.