Classic Kitchen Design: Black & White Kitchens

Black and white kitchens are classic for a reason - they never get old! While we are all for the current trend towards colourful kitchens, we will never stop appreciating the simple glamour of a black & white kitchen. If you’re looking to renovate your home in a way that will look fresh for years to come, a small colour palette in neutral tones is a great option. The wonderful thing about a black and white kitchen is that while it is certainly neutral, it can be as dramatic or as subdued as suits your personal preference. Today we’re sharing three incredible spaces with a simple black & white colour scheme, but each with a completely different look & feel.

Featured Design: Swanbridge  link

Featured Design: Swanbridge link

Above, this incredible kitchen is the perfect modern traditional space. Design choices like Shaker cabinet doors & elegant woodworking keep this space feeling traditional and familiar. The herringbone backsplash is a classic material in a timeless patttern that helps the space feel cohesive. Gold accents are super on-trend at the moment, and lets this space feel fun and glamorous. However; 10, 15 or 20 years down the road these accents are relatively easy and inexpensive to swap out for a completely different feel, making this design an excellent long term investment. Of course, the Cambria countertops will still look as beautiful then as they do now,

Featured Design: Blackpool Matte  link

Featured Design: Blackpool Matte link

Above, this kitchen is a minimalist masterpiece. Cambria’s Blackpool Matte design is a serene & luxe look which elevates the simple wooden backsplash & neutral wood cabinets. Using both a black countertop & backsplash is a bold design choice - but in this space it has absolutely paid off! By including warmer tones in the cabinets and accessories, this space feels like a zen modern space - both minimal but also welcoming. When using black and white, accents feel magnified because of their relative uniqueness in the space, which means simple changes to accessories will have a big impact on the feel of your kitchen!

Featured Designs: Brittanicca Matte & Cambria Black Matte  link

Featured Designs: Brittanicca Matte & Cambria Black Matte link

Lastly, above, we have an ultra-modern monochrome kitchen. We love the futuristic & clean feel of this kitchen! This design is completely black and white, and features chrome faucets for a sleek look. Because the cabinets & backsplash are so simple, we love the gorgeous choice of a dramatic Brittanicca island to create directionality and organic movement in the space! Both the island and perimeter countertops are in Cambria’s Matte finish, which adds warmth and a soft-touch feel that softens the look of this contemporary design.

We hope you enjoyed seeing how a single colour palette can be taken in 3 different design directions!